New Year Ahead: Nothing Will Help Them

by Clarice Feldman
American Thinker

Last week my online friends were happily anticipating family visits for the holidays. This week they are fixing newfangled appliances and furniture broken by visitors and enjoying quiet relaxation in their comfy chairs now that the gang has returned home. I saw this too late for the Christmas and Chanukah gatherings, but this sometimes off-color rant by Mary Poppins Perfect Piercing might still be useful to memorize for New Year’s parties:

“Nation still deeply divided day after vote”

Yeah, I love that trick. The nation’s always “divided” when Dems don’t get what they want.

I was forced to go to a Christmas party over the weekend and had to listen to some jackhole whine about how “divisive” Trump was and lament that we couldn’t “come together.”

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