Nancy Pelosi Announces the Done-Deal Impeachment

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

That was fast.

Took all of three crazy far-left professors, screaming their lungs out, one of them even insulting a child, to get Democrats to announce their slapdash impeachment show. Took ’em all of a day.

House speaker Nancy Pelosi, wearing her best Tulsi Gabbard–style white pantsuit, a giant flag pin, and some really weird eyelid makeup, crawled out to do the honors:

[…] She opened with a pious recital of the Declaration of Independence, attempting to equate President Trump’s decision to temporarily withhold aid to Ukraine with American independence itself. Ukraine, see, is more important than America if the idea is to Get Trump. She piously nattered on with quotes from James Madison and Gouverneur Morris about the dangers of “a dangerous and corrupt leader.” See, Americans are as oppressed as Uighurs if the truly corrupt Ukrainian government doesn’t rightfully get its nose in the snoot by her logic.

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