Just Say “Merry Christmas” (Fireside Chat Ep. 113)

from PragerU

Should you lie to your kids about Santa? And why not just say Happy Holidays? Is the commercialization of Christmas really that bad? ?? Dennis Prager discusses this and more in this special Christmas episode of Fireside Chat! ?? Enjoy.

0:00 Christmas Is An Important Holiday
1:12 PragerU Hit 3 Billion Views!
1:50 We Are Not On A Set
2:30 Should Parents Lie About Santa?
6:47 Santa Doesn’t Take Away From Christ
9:25 Why Is Christmas Not Inclusive?
10:57 Christmas Is A National Holiday
12:28 Stop Being A Narcissist
14:06 Fewer Decorations Is A Tragedy
14:54 Commercialization Of Christmas
16:59 What Is The Alternative To Gift Giving?
18:26 Dennis’s Favorite Christmas Call
19:59 Should Politics Take A Backseat?
20:45 Leave A Cigar And Scotch For Dennis?
21:48 “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”
23:22 Many Christmas Songs Written By Jews
25:10 Is It Okay To Regift?
46:44 Kwanzaa Isn’t An African Holiday
27:54 Favorite Christmas Movie
28:17 The Most Beautiful Time Of The Year