Joe Biden Actually Just Told Coal Miners “Learn to Code” Proving Democrats Learned Nothing from 2016

from Tim Pool

Joe Biden Actually Just Told Coal Miners “Learn To Code” Proving Democrats Learned NOTHING From 2016. Biden has said before that he would sacrifice hundreds of thousands of energy sector jobs over the “climate crisis” and so has Bernie Sanders.

This shows the untenable position of Democrats. Trying to be ideologically drive to attract the activist base while sacrificing the working class.

You can’t do both. Trump’s advantage is that he isn’t concerned about climate change issues so he has cut back regulations to bring back coal jobs ensuring certain places in the US vote for him as he had their back.

While many progressives have called this claim callous and ignorant it still leaves progressives and far left Democrats holding the bag. Bernie Sanders has Biden have been upfront about people losing their jobs, you can’t support the energy sector unions while simultaneously calling for an end to it.

Hillary Clinton said her biggest regret was saying she would end the coal industry and coal jobs. Even with this warning Democrats still carry on down the path of cutting jobs instead of creating them.

Meanwhile “learn to code” was seen as so offensive Twitter actually banned people for saying it.

If the Democrats won;t even take Hillary Clinton’s advice then I’m willing to bet there will be a Trump Landslide in 2020.


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