I Just Dealt with a “Security Freeze,” the Most Effective Tool for Credit Security: It’s Become Super-Easy & Free, after the Equifax Hack Two Years Ago

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

My recommendation has changed. Here are the websites and links and why and how to do it.

One thing I hafta admit about big American corporations: When they’re exposed to enough hue and cry and get flogged long enough in the media, particularly on WOLF STREET, and get flailed by regulators, Attorneys General, and lawmakers, even as individual and class-action law suits are hailing down on them, they will eventually stop making things worse, and finally do something right.

And it’s a sea change in terms of how easy it is today – thanks to the fallout from Equifax hack in 2017 – to protect your credit and identity from identity theft and other forms of fraud and broader financial and bureaucratic nightmares.

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