Greta Thunberg Trolled by German Transportation Company After Complaining of Crowded Trains

[Ed. Note: This little tart has some serious hutzpah… Traveling in first class, and sitting on the floor just long enough to tweet about crowded train travel. Wow.]

by Emily Zabotti
Daily Wire

The German rail firm, Deutche Bahn, was left visibly miffed by a tweet from 16-year-old eco-activist (and TIME Magazine Person of the Year) Greta Thunberg, striking back on social media after Thunberg appeared to suggest she spent a rail journey home from a UN climate change summit in Madrid, Spain, sitting on the floor of an overcrowded train.

Thunberg tweeted a photo of herself, clearly tired and perhaps bored, staring out the window of a German train while sitting on the floor among her bags. The Tweet read, “Traveling on overcrowded trains through Germany. And I’m finally on my way home!”

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