Get Ready for Central Bank Bail-Ins and a Bitter Taste of Economic Reality! Lynette Zang Interview

from Crush The Street

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Lynette Zang is back to share her latest news and updates on the latest developments within the global economy and geo-political landscape.
With 2019 being an incredible year for Gold we gain fresh insights on what lies ahead in 2020, the stock market is also rallying more than ever but could this never-ending rally give way to long term damage in the future?

01:45 The long term investment strategy against broken economics
06:25 Bail-ins and a bitter taste of economic reality
11:35 Stock market rally, the higher it goes the harder it falls!
20:55 Our economy is a dead man walking
29:35 The gold/silver ratio – what is it telling us…
38:05 Central banks accumulating more gold to maintain purchasing power