Facing a 2020 Drubbing, the Left Begins Lining Up Its Excuses

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

The left and its Democrats in power are in bad shape.

They face a blowout election from voters in 2020, probably comparable to what Britain got, based on their crazed effort to impeach and remove President Trump over some totally non–national security issue like arms to Ukraine.

They’re sinking in the polls. Their favorite networks are seeing collapsing ratings. They have a string of bad candidates, each more socialist than the next. Voters hate socialism, along with guys who are too old to run. The Horowitz report exposed the dishonesty and absence of integrity of their Deep State allies.

The object of their ire, by contrast, is rising in the polls, with sharp drops in his high-negative numbers and strong gains in traditional Democratic bulwarks such as black and Latino votes and more.

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