Don’t Have Kids

by Karl Denninger

The deal when I decided to was that you were an adult at 18.

There was an exception, of course — booze. But that happened while I was coming of age, and frankly, it was (and is) bull****.

Then Obama comes into office, and suddenly you can “stay” on your parents health insurance (whether they like it or not) until you’re 23 — if you’re a debt slave (going to college.) No college or drop out? No soup for you, and by the way, if you make less than the Medicaid limit you get no premium support at all, which means you’re instantly uninsured because at that age there’s no effing way you’re paying for it out of your own pocket when it’s five times what it should cost. This works out fine if you’re healthy — and most young people are.

But what if you’re not?

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