Democrats Unhinged Russia Theories Persist, Nancy Pelosi Again Cries Putin and Demands Impeachment

from Tim Pool

lass=”” >Democrats Unhinged Russia Theories Persist, Nancy Pelosi AGAIN Cries PUTIN And DEMANDS Impeachment. Today Nancy pelosi officially requested articles of impeachment saying that the President, Donald Trump, violated the constitution.

She said, once again, “all roads lead to Putin.”

It was never about Ukraine, it was always about Russia. Even after years of speculation and absurd claims, even after the Mueller probe found no evidence of collusion the press and the democrats refuse to let it go.

Jerry Nadler even referenced the Mueller probe when discussing impeachment and now it seems that Russiagate never stopped. In the past several days several media outlets have written about the Russia probe as if its still on going. Unhinged claims of Trump and Russia never stopped following the conclusion of the investigations.

Either Democrats have truly lost the plot or they are so desperate they still cry Putin and Russia in their last ditch effort to remove Trump from office.


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