Democratic Candidate Says Democrats Are in Denial About About Losing to Trump, Yang Speaks Out

from Tim Pool

Democratic Candidate Says Democrats Are In Denial About About Losing To Trump, Yang Speaks out. Andrew Yang recently gave an interview where he said Democrats need to stop blaming Trump for all of their problems but they are still in denial as to why they lost.

It seems that since 2016 the only play Democrats have had is “orange man bad” and although there have been some small attempts at policy for the most part they have made their major play scandals and investigations.

Democrats fail to realize you can’t win by being against something you have to be for something. Being anti Orange Man isn’t going to net you new voters.

While Democrats continually try new scandals the reality is that Trump is making gains in the polls and raising massive amounts of money.

While Andrew Yang notes the problem of automation he is only seeing one piece of the puzzle. Automation, bad trade, and political correctness gave rise to Donald Trump.

Leftists, progressives, and democrats may not want to hear it but its true. In fact there are likely other factors as well such as Bernie or Bust, Hillary Clinton, and more.

Trump was reprieve for many people and so long as Democrats ignore reality they place themselves on a path to defeat.


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