Boeing’s CEO Shakeup & U.S. Backs Bayer

from Boom Bust

Boeing’s stock has taken off following the resignation of its CEO on Monday, after months of turbulence. Could new leadership lead to a turnaround of the embattled aerospace giant? Former NTSB official Jamie Finch lends us a hand today to break down the move and what lies in store for Boeing. Plus, President Trump has been hyping the potential passage of a U.S.-China trade deal, but could it all just be a charade? Richard Wolff, host of the Economic Update is standing by to bring us up to speed on the state of negotiations. Then, Bayer stock is popping after the recent news that the U.S. government will back the company in its glyphosate fight. RT correspondent Alex Mihailovich joins the show from Toronto to help us take a look at the big picture of the suit.

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