The Weekly Perspective with David Morgan – Globalization Isn’t Dying, It’s Just Evolving

from The Morgan Report

David Morgan‘s weekly perspective… Globalization is a force both more powerful and ancient than Trump. Too often we think of it of economic integration and the exchange of ideas, people and goods that comes with it as a recent phenomenon. The reality is it has been with us since the dawn of time. But we are entering a new era in which data is the new shipping container and there are far more disruptive forces at work in the world economy than Trump’s tariffs. Today’s monetary system is based upon a lie. The lie is that you can get something for nothing, or perhaps more simply stated, wealth can be printed. History has shown throughout 5000 years that whenever a country has tried to maintain this illusion (lie), failure has been the result. You can continue to grow your wealth regardless of the changing winds of politics, the economy and the financial markets. Let me show you how…

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