Jayant Bhandari | Excellent Gold Stock Opportunities Now

from Mining Stock Education

Jayant is constantly traveling the world to look for investment opportunities, particularly in the natural resource sector. He advises institutional investors about his finds. He was a Director on the board of Gold Canyon, a publicly-listed Canadian company, until its merger with another entity. Earlier, he worked for six years with US Global Investors (San Antonio, Texas), a boutique natural resource investment firm, and for one year with Casey Research. Before emigrating from India, he started and ran Indian subsidiary operations of two European companies. Jayant runs a yearly philosophy seminar in Vancouver entitled, “Capitalism & Morality.”

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0:05 Introduction
1:01 Institutional investors and the junior mining sector
2:45 Jayant’s observations from recent mining conferences
3:44 Some of Jayant’s biggest, recent winners
5:35 Arbitrage opportunity
6:34 Discussing mining jurisdictions
8:15 Discussing Jayant’s approach to junior mining investing
12:35 How Jayant played the bear market of 2012-2015
16:01 Role of directors for junior mining companies
19:45 Expectations for remainder of 2019