Mickey Fulp’s Monthly Major Market Review for April, 2019

from Financial Survival Network

Mickey Fulp is back for another monthly review… US Stock markets led by the S&P and NASDAQ hit record highs during April. Canadian markets up and emerging markets up as well. Dollar up, Euro flat, Bitcoin up to 5248, 10 year treasury yield up to 2.54. Silver and gold got hit again. Platinum looks like it’s bottomed and Palladium was flat after last month’s huge decline. Copper down a paltry 1.3%. WTI up another 6.3% and Brent up 7.7% for the month. Natgas continued its slide down another 4.8%. Uranium stabilized at 25.13. Gold/silver ratio almost at 86. Plat to AU at .69, Plat to Pal up a bit to .65. That’s it for April, check back next month for May’s performance.

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