Jamie Keech | Focus on Management Teams Pursuing Projects with Huge Potential

from Mining Stock Education

Jamie Keech has a unique ability to educate mining investors, in an easy-to-understand manner, regarding the ways in which insiders have an unfair advantage over the average mining investor. During this PDAC 2019 interview, Jamie shares regarding a recent, alleged scam and the key takeaways for investors. He also discusses his investment research service, Resource Insider’s approach to mining investment and regarding a recent deal that he participated in. This interview is full of advice for mining investors.

Jamie Keech is a formally-trained Canadian mining engineer. He has worked in mineral exploration, development and mine operations in Albania, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Colombia, Peru and throughout North America. His undergraduate degree is in Mineral Engineering from the University of Toronto and he has a Master’s degree Mining Engineering from the Camborne School of Mines.

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