Ivan Bebek | We Are Now at the Pinnacle of Two Massive Discoveries

from Mining Stock Education

Executive Chairman Ivan Bebek and his team at Auryn Resources have already built and sold two successful exploration companies. But now they are convinced that they are on the cusp of two potential world-class discoveries that will far exceed their previous successes. In this interview, Ivan shares how Auryn assembled a top-notch technical and management team who have been able to locate and now pursue what they believe could turn out to be massive discoveries at their Committee Bay project in the Arctic and at their Sombrero property in Peru. Ivan discusses in detail not only the prospective nature of these projects, but also how he plans to fund up to four years of aggressive exploration with no shareholder dilution. Auryn Resources will see strong and steady news flow throughout 2019, so this is an exploration story you will want to follow.

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