William H. Northwall M.D. – Time for a Return to Capitalism

from Financial Survival Network

William H. Northwall M.D. discusses his eye-opening book “Return to Capitalism” A Retired Radiologist’s view on Government, the Economy, and Health Care.The good doctor isn’t afraid to speak his mind and offer up his own unique perspective. His conservative approach takes you through Government, Health Care and the Economy. After 30 years of medical practice, now 20 years post-retirement, started writing on how to reform our broken health care system. Always interested in economics, his writing evolved into an over-all assessment of where we are today, favoring capitalism and arguing against socialism. “Return to Capitalism” is a book filled with the thoughts from a supply-side conservative. With 30 years in the specialty, he has a unique insight into the complex world of health care and how it needs to change.

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