Always Be Upgrading (#49)

from Viral Podcasting

It’s very easy to get into a podcasting rut. Everything seems to be going fine and why should you want to upset the applecart. However, investing in technology that will actually improve your show is almost always a good investment. We’re not talking about vanity upgrades where you buy something new just to satisfy an emotional desire. Rather we’re talking about investing in innovations that actually improve the quality of your show. I recently purchased a new Mac Mini 2018. I didn’t buy the top of the line, but invested in the best processor and a 1 giga byte hard drive. The results have exceeded my expectations. The computer has virtually eliminated all latency on my videos. It’s way faster and saves my files in a fraction of the time of my last generation Mini. And this is just one small example. There are many more. Remember, your show is a living, breathing entity and you need to always be striving for continuous improvement. New tech can help get you there.

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