Triple Lutz Report Episode #462 – October is National Lie to Your Pollster Month

from Financial Survival Network

October is National Lie to Your Pollster Month! It’s time to put an end to polling madness. Before there was fake news, there was polling. Virtually all polling results released to the public is agenda driven astroturfing. We the public should lie to our pollster no matter what the issue or the questions being asked. It doesn’t matter if you’re right or left or libertarian. The goal is to make polling so inaccurate and fallacious that the media gives up on this not so subtle form of propaganda and manipulation. Remember, so-called poll results are not news, they are the opposite of news. They are created to push a point of view that is usually the opposite of reality. Polling is a pseudo-science who’s time has come and gone. Let’s drive it from the American political landscape!

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