Daniel Ameduri – Confessions of an Unrepentant Stock Promoter

from Financial Survival Network

Dan Ameduri visited with us and discussed the ABC’s of stock promotion. Every publicly traded company, no matter what their size has a stock promotion strategy. The days of the public discovering an undervalued up and comer through news stories and other tried and true methods is past. Dan says he won’t invest in a company that won’t promote its stock. The reason is simple, building a better mousetrap is just not enough. If there’s no public involvement in a company, then it’s probably headed nowhere – fast! Public awareness is the key to making a company grow. Without a healthy stock price, financing costs and dilution go way up, which is injurious to shareholders. Unfortunately there are scads of unethical promoters and companies pumping stocks all over the galaxy. The key is to stay with managements you know and never take on a company that just walks in the door. Dan and FSN turn away most companies that would like to be clients, because our credibility is always at risk. Not one company promoted by Dan has gone bankrupt since he started. An impressive record to say the least.

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