Liz Soria – For the Love of Podcasting

from Viral Podcasting

Liz Soria hosts a podcast called Tax Advisor & Biz Coach Success. She’s been doing it for nearly two years and has over 2000 listeners. She’s anxious to monetize the show and she need only look at her audience as potential clients for her services. While there are many other ways to monetize, converting listeners into paying customers is perhaps one of the easiest and most tried and true methods for podcasting success. After all, if someone is listening to a niche podcast, they probably have an interest in that product or service. So why not start monetizing your podcast by offering your own services. Figure out what your annual revenue per client works out to. Multiply that by 10, 20, 50 or 100. You could be looking at some serious sales increases for an incredibly low financial outlay. Perhaps the greatest takeaway from Liz’s interview is that you need to make a commitment to yourself and your audience to keep on improving your show’s quality and your level of expertise.

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