The World’s a Lot Bigger Than iTunes (#38)

from Viral Podcasting

According to Rob Walch of leading podcast server site Libsyn, 62% of the traffic on their site emanates from iTunes. That’s still a very commanding share, but if 100 million people listen to podcasts regularly, that means that 38 million get their podcasts from non-iTunes aggregators. That’s a lot of listeners and it opens up tremendous opportunities for aggressive, clever podcasters. Mike Gazzola gets more than 2000 downloads per day from Tunein Radio. He gets similar results from other podcasts. Isn’t it better to be a large fish in a small pond, than a small fish in the Pacific Ocean? These smaller sites all have their featured and top picks. If you make it there, your traffic could escalate way beyond your most modest expectations. Try examing these other aggregators and see what happens to the popularity of your show. You might be very surprised.

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