Jay Soderberg a/k/a Podvader Speaks (#35)

from Viral Podcasting

Jay Soderberg has been a podcaster since 2005. He was a producer at ESPN and his boss ordered him to become the resident podcasting maven. Not having a choice in the matter, Jay took to the challenge with the passion and intensity he’s know for. Now he works for Voxnest, a company which recently acquired Blogtalkradio and Spreaker. He’s now working with 10’s of thousands of podcasters around the world. The company will be releasing an ad insertion tool that will work with other podcast server sites and allow individuals to monetize their shows. Jay has followed the careers of many well know podcasters and believes that passion is the driver. Knowing your audience and how to communicate with them will go a long ways towards success, but you’ve got to learn the craft and live it. Podcasting keeps getting more popular and as smartphone automobile integration continues to advance, so will growth. There’s a lot more growth coming down the pike.

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