Podcasting Really Does Make a Difference (#33)

from Viral Podcasting

I’ve said it many times before, podcasting can be a solitary profession. Much of the day, you’re at your desk working on future episodes, writing articles and trying to figure out ways to be successful. It’s not unusual to have self doubts and question whether your decision to become a podcaster was a wise one. Especially when you’re trying to monetize and nothing seems to be happening. On a recent episode of my Financial Survival Network Podcast I shared with my audience that my sister was in the last phase of a chronic illness and that her impending death had led to a number of family reconciliations. I urged them not to put it off, if you’re estranged from a loved one or a friend, take action and get back together. After all, in the end the only people you can really count on is your family. Several days later I received an email that moved me to tears. John, a long term FSN member, told me that he was so moved by my words that he immediately texted his son, with whom he had had no contact with in past 10 years. His son texted back along with pictures of a grandchild John didn’t even know he had. They’re talking again, taking the necessary steps to restore and improve their relationship. The next time you’re wondering whether what you do matters, think again. You have more impact upon people than you would ever believe possible. You make a big difference, so start acting like it.

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