Mickey Fulp’s Monthly Major Market Review for March 2018

from Financial Survival Network

Mickey Fulp observed that March 2018 saw volatility go from record lows to major new highs! Major US stock markets corrected big Ly with the DJIA up losing 3.7%. Emerging markets were down 3.2%. TSX down 3% and TSX-V 4.5%. Bitcoin the always volatile digital currency it was down 32% for the month. Gold was up .5% and Silver was off .2% for the month. Pt down 5.2% and Pd was up 8%. Copper down 3.2%. Energy also corrected, with WTI and Brent both up around 5/7% respectively. Natgas skidded 9% to $2.73. Uranium declined 1%. Currencies saw the Greenback down .6% and the Euro rose 1%. Rate on the 10 year T Bond sank to 2.74%. As for ratios Gold to Silver hit 81, a possible buy signal for the shiny metal, but Mickey is holding out for 90 till he starts his purchases again. Tilll next month!

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