The Future Belongs to Podcasting (#28)

from Viral Podcasting

I belong to a podcaster mastermind group. It’s a group of experienced podcasters who are right in the thick of things. We had a guest on last week, Michael Harrison, owner of He was very pessimistic about the future of terrestrial radio. Over the last 15 years, what used to be local independently owned radio stations have become part of massive radio station empires. This led to a decline in programming, especially local, and the rise of the bean counter. Management no longer listens to the radio shows that their companies must produce to succeed. Their only concern is cutting costs and paying off debt. They’re dinosaurs heading for the dustbin of history. Podcasters are poised to make great inroads because they are original, focus on their content and show production and they are flexible. Live radio and podcasts aren’t relevant unless they deal with breaking news. Otherwise, following the video model of YouTube and the DVR is where it’s at. People want to listen to their shows at their convenience, whether on their drive to work or when they’re at the gym working out. This is why the future belongs to podcasters. Check out our site ViralPodcating.

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