John Greenya – Gorsuch: The Judge Who Speaks for Himself

from Financial Survival Network

With SCOTUS resuming session and the focus on Gorsuch, you may be interested to know that veteran biographer John Greenya has just released a new biography — Gorsuch: The Judge Who Speaks for Himself —the first-ever biography about Justice Neil Gorsuch, a man who remains a mystery to Democrats and Republicans alike.

Greenya knew Gorsuch’s mother and in GORSUCH, he supplies a comprehensive and fascinating examination of the youngest judge to be nominated to the Supreme Court in twenty-five years, answering questions like:

· How does Gorsuch compare to his legendary predecessor, Justice Antonin Scalia?
· What are some unique characteristics or ideologies Gorsuch brings to the bench?
· What can we likely expect from Gorsuch in the years to come?
· Why did President Donald Trump choose Neil Gorsuch over all others considered?

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