Webinar: Join Us For a Memorable and Profitable Event! TONIGHT!

from Financial Survival Network

Whether you’re investing in Bitcoin or the new commodity super cycle, don’t miss this cutting edge webinar! You’ll get vital information to simplify your research process. Date is Wednesday, November 1st, 9:00 PM EDT.

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Join Greg Mannarino, Kerry Lutz and Rob Henderson, CEO of Amerigo Resources. The diverse panel will discuss resource investing in particular copper – “the thinking man’s gold” – the Bitcoin phenomena and general investment in alternative assets. We are going to illustrate the connection between value in the ground, monetary value and electronic value. What is something worth, and why?

Greg Mannarino is a renowned trader and has a loyal following of many tens of thousands of people from all over the world. He is author of “The One Rule You Must Never Break When Trading Stocks” and briefs such as “Trading: How to Pick the Right Stocks.” You’ll want to hear his thoughts on the copper market and mining stocks. Rob Henderson is President and CEO of Amerigo Resources (OTCQX: ARREF), an innovative, long term low risk copper producer in Chile. This is one of the mining industry’s best. Kerry Lutz is host of Financial Survival Network He’s is a student of Austrian economics, retired attorney, serial entrepreneur and astute expert about the Bitcoin space. His stated mission is helping people to prosper and thrive in the New Economy. Email confirmation with information about joining the webinar will be sent upon registration.