The Weekly Perspective with David Morgan for September 15th, 2017

from The Morgan Report

David Morgan‘s weekly perspective for September 15th, 2017…

From Zerohedge, the most important chart in the world – the US Dollar. Penetrated the 94 level which is a big resistance point. Lower dollar prices ahead, but a short term small bounce is probably in the cards which, will pressure gold. The implications are tremendous. Higher profits for multi-nationals. The number of Americans living hand to mouth is astoundingly high. The middle class is getting wiped out here and abroad. It’s the elite vs. the lower class. Debt markets, the bond market, US debt has massive one day increase. Rates at 2.2%. What would happen if interest rates were allowed to rise to 5%? There’s no way the US gov’t can afford to allow rates to rise. At 5% interest payments would rise to $1 trillion. They’re not going higher. Those in the know will act accordingly. Gold, silver and precious metals will be the beneficiary. Printing wealth doesn’t and cannot work. Equity markets according to Charles Hugh Smith is that this time is different. It’s terribly bearish. Nothing has been fixed. The policy fixes have weakened the system.

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