Anthony Rigogliosi – Professional Podcast Production for All! (#20)

from Viral Podcasting

Anthony Rigogliosi is a podcastninja. A relative newcomer to the podcasting scene, Anthony felt himself attracted to the community after hearing his first podcast several years ago. From a young age, he preferred to get his information via the spoken word. He wasn’t much of a reader and graphics wasn’t his thing either. Like so many podcasters, once he started listening, he was hooked. He started learning everything he could about the medium and now he produces podcasts for other hosts. It’s one stop production, record your show, send it off to Anthony and his staff of ninjas and everything else is taken care of. His advice to the aspiring podcaster, “Don’t try to be perfect. It will stand in the way of your future greatness.” If you want to become a professional podcaster, purchase my book Viral Podcasting. Just click the link.

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