Viral Podcasting – Do Live Interviews to Increase Excitement (#16)

from Viral Podcasting

Doing interviews in a live setting can be a lot of fun or a nightmare. The first time I ever did a live interview was in a grand ballroom with 5000 present. I didn’t have time to prepare interview questions or do proper preparation. I was truly on my own. Somehow the adrenaline kicked and the questions started spewing from my lips. The interviewees seem to respond well and I began to relax. Later when I played back the interviews they sounded pretty good. The crowd noise in the background really added a sense of reality to the interview. It was an epiphany. I finally understood what the report on the street went through. It was a real growth experience. Next time you have the opportunity, try it. It will help you grow. You’ll have to think on your feet and you’ll have to make the interview pace flow. Flow is everything! Your rhythm and temp will help determine whether your interview is interesting and exciting or boring and humdrum. It’s your decision, reach for greatness through a live interview. It will change you. It’s all in my book. Order it on Amazon here.

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