The Weekly Perspective with David Morgan for July 28th, 2017

from The Morgan Report

David Morgan‘s weekly perspective for July 28th, 2017…

Australian housing affordability the worst ever. Housing costs have gone up around the globe. Ditto for the US. The political class wants real estate prices to keep going up. Byron King comments that the dollar is dissolving before our very eyes. Russia and China continue to take on more gold reserves and the US Dollar is becoming less relevant. The final flailing of a dying empire. Major trend is we’re seeing growth that can’t be maintained and we’re seeing economic power going from West to East. Drought hitting corn hard. There’s going to be more and more pressure on food prices, due to top soil depletion and there’s been disruption in the livestock market. Food storage looks like a good idea. Finally, electric vehicles face a major supply shortage in lithium and cobalt.

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