The Weekly Perspective with David Morgan for August 6th, 2017

from The Morgan Report

David Morgan‘s weekly perspective for August 6th, 2017…

Carmageddon is here. The car companies are producing but not enough people have been buying. Dow Jones hits 22k! Happy days aren’t here again. The market is clearly overextended but who knows when the crash will come. Crypto-currencies have turned their back on their principals. Now you can print to infinity and you often require a third party to consumate the transaction. Some of them are leaders and on the up and up. But it’s going to be like the dotcom/dotbomb era. Some will move and move well. The Block Chain is greatly beneficial. Peak energy, climate change, etc. Time to start recycling molybdenum, antimony and other minerals that will potentially run out. For more info go to the Morgan Report where all these metals are covered. At what rate are we using these resources? Are we being good stewards of our resources. Finally, Frank Holmes talks about gold prices, dollar plunging and we all know that the Greenback has been in a pronounced decline for over a century. The worse is behind us for the precious metals sector.

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