International Podcasting is Taking Off with Italian Podcaster Giorgio Minguzzi

from Viral Podcasting

As it becomes more mature growth of the US podcasting industry is slowing, however in the rest of the world it’s just beginning to take hold. Giorgio Minguzzi started his Italian digital marketing podcast nearly 2 years ago. While the equipment was easy to come by, except for his Heil PR-40, the expertise required to produce a great show wasn’t. Especially in his native Italian Language. Giorgio spent nearly a month discovering the intricacies of the good old Mix-Minus. If only he had found Cliff Ravenscraft, his problems would have been solved. But Giorgio has learned the intricacies through the School of Hard Knocks approach and it’s paying off. There’s very little competition in the Italian Marketplace. He’s already doing monthly 5 figures in downloads from his weekly show. Of course he’s avidly consuming my book Viral Podcasting in his quest to become a profitable podcaster and just landed his first sponsor. Keep up the great work Giorgio!

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