The Weekly Perspective with David Morgan for July 14th, 2017

from The Morgan Report

David Morgan‘s weekly perspective for July 14th, 2017…

Bond yields dropped on lacked of inflation. No CPI growth according to the official numbers. Thus bond yields have fallen on lowered inflation expectations. Tech stocks stocks went up, the slowing economy brings more money into technology. US Dollar index has been trending lower. It’s been heading lower since the start of 2017. Weak dollar should mean higher metal prices. Canada hiked its rates giving the CD Dollar a boost. Yellen backed off on rising interest rates, a wait and see attitude. As always, the banks have profited at the expense of everyone else. Banks have been hoarding the money. Corporations are either buying back stock or keeping cash on the balance sheet. Ag commodities have been going higher. Wheat prices keep going higher, which will mean higher food prices down the road. Major headlines, start-up funding going down in US and China. Bank runs and bail-ins going global. Taxpayers no longer on the hook for bad banks. USA Today mentions that Americans are hoarding cash in their bank accounts. People don’t know what to do with their savings. CME president said gold prices should be $5k per ounces. Manipulation is rampant. CME should look in the mirror. What there’s gambling going on, we’re shocked. Check out David’s free webinar coming up soon. Register here!

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