Ben Krueger – Keys to Successful Podcasting (#15)

from Viral Podcasting

Ben Krueger of CashFlowPodcasting is an accomplished podcaster and helps others to create successful and profitable podcasts. Ben looks for clients who are already successful. As the saying goes, “Nothing succeeds like success.” Ben says, if someone is already successful in their business pursuits, then creating a profitable podcast is almost guaranteed. Like so many other podcasters, Ben’s career kind of took off after some lucky breaks. He was already a major podcast fan and listener. Then everything else seemed to flow naturally from there. He acquired the technical tools and then it took off from there. He already had some familiarity with video production. So audio production was easy. It seems to be a common pattern among our industry. Ben has some very practical tips if you’re looking to start your own podcast today. But you have to get started, have a plan and have passion. The rest will follow.

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