But I Have a Lousy Voice (#12)

from Viral Podcasting

I hear so many people bemoan the fact that they don’t have a good voice. Fortunately, there’s no requirement that you have an operatic or Shakespearean quality voice to become a great podcaster or radio talk show host. Some of the most famous people out there have not so pleasant sounding voices. Look at Howard Stern. His voice is nasally, twangy and highly New Yorked. It hasn’t seemed to hinder his success in the least. If you do have a great, it by no means guarantees your success. A guy in New York who will go unamed has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard, even better than mine (a lot are) and yet he’s never made it because he lacks susbstance and compelling content. He just sounds superficial and not deep enough. Which shows that content is indeed king, but so is your ability to connect with your audience and get your true voice through. That means practicing the techniques we discuss here. If you really are hung up on the quality of your voice, then please get a voice coach and make it sound the best you possibly can. Self-improvement seldom ever goes to waste. But always keep your eye on the basics. Never sound like you’re reading. Nothing bores your audience more and will cause them to turn you off quickly. Remember, it’s a process of continuous self-improvement and evolution. Your goal should always be to do this show just a little bit better than the last. You’ll be amazed how great you sound in a very short period of time.

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