The Weekly Perspective with David Morgan for May 21st, 2017

from The Morgan Report

David Morgan‘s weekly perspective for May 21st, 2017… Sales of cars declined by all automakers and in all markets–Carmageddon. As goes GM, so goes the nation. Just take a look at Detroit. Channel stuffing has been taking place, putting new cars on lots around the country to make things look rosier. Portends for future economic problems. Stocks sank big time this week. Due to Trump admin. The Morgan Report put out an alert due to a change in auto sales. Crypto-currencies what’s going on there. Ransom ware isn’t collecting much ransom. For the first time Bitcoin makes up less than one third of crypto-currencies. Keep you eyes open and aware. Gold appears to have bottomed. Stocks selling off. Silver price forecast for 2017, available free.

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