It’s All About the Story… Mastering Storytelling (#10)

from Viral Podcasting

In podcasting as in radio, the first thing you must understand is what my good friend Wayne Allyn Root says, “Facts tell and stories sell!” Telling facts doesn’t create audience engagement, in fact it will often do the opposite. Telling stories is our greatest asset as everyone wants to hear a good story. If you want to buiild a large audience you’ve got to become a master storyteller. That’s not an easy task, I’m always learning how to better tell a story, even after all these years. If you closely look at the greats of radio or podcasting, you will find they have one thing in common, the ability to tell a story in a compelling manner. I’ll go back to Valerie Geller’s Beyond Powerful Radio, speak visually, create images in the listeners mind. Then you’ll have them exactly where you want them, which is in the palm of your hand. It’s not an easy, but anyone – with enough practice and effort can do it . And it will open up doors that you never even realized were closed to you.

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