Always Be Monetizing (#9)

from Viral Podcasting

Time to get down to monetization. Always be monetizing if and when you’re ready to. First you need to build an audience. You’ve been guest posting, you’ve been promoting, you’ve been crushing it! Doing a podcast is no guarantee of success. However, if you’ve got superior content, excellent audience engagement, you’re being real and your numbers/analytics are starting to take off, then it’s time. You’re skills as an entertainer have really come into their own. Do it right and your show will support you in a very comfortable lifestyle. It really works! Is your model working, you’ll soon find out. Whether you’re a spokesman, a guru, or an advertiser supported or a brick and mortar operation looking to expand – monetization is the goal, but be certain that you don’t put the cart before the horse. If you try to soon, you’ll hurt your show and you will fail. Doing it too late and you might go out of business before you succeed. Always look for balance and the right timing is essential.

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