Who’s Your Target Audience – How Do You Identify Them? (#2)

from Viral Podcasting

Before you start podcasting you’ll need to identify the people who you think will be listening to your podcast, your target audience. What is their sex, their income level, their geographic location, their marital status, employment status etc. Look at your Google Analytics, your podcast server analytics, as well any other information you can accumulate about your likely audience. Look at market surveys, there’s plenty of them available to you on the internet at no cost. Never assume your audience composition, because invariably you will be incorrect and surprised. You can never do enough research to make these determinations. Once you’ve been running your show for a while, go back and reexamine your demographics and analytics and see if your audience is who you expected it to be. Are there more males than you thought? More elderly, less retirees. Perhaps you’ll need to adjust your content accordingly. Never pander to your audience, but it’s okay to cater to their wants and needs. Remember, there’s often a fine line between pandering and serving.

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