Trump Slams “Voter Suppression”, Cites “Oversampling” as Evidence of Rigged Polls

from Zero Hedge

Referencing both an analysis of the latest ABC/WaPo poll that showed Hillary Clinton with a 12 point advantage, driven largely by a 9 point surplus of polled Democrats, and an email first pointed out here on Sunday evening, citing a leaked Podesta email from the 2008 Democratic primary which pitted Clinton against Obama and which spelled out recommendations on “oversamples for polling” in order to “maximize what we get out of our media polling”, Trump used the ongoing Wikileaks disclosures to bolster charges that the presidential election is being rigged against him.

During a campaign rally Monday in Florida, Trump accused the media and Democrats of “voter suppression.” He argued that national polls that show Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton with a healthy lead are based on a sampling that is too heavily Democratic, adding that media outlets are essentially making polls that show Clinton with a wide lead in order to suppress turnout by his supporters.

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