Trump Climbs Ahead of Crooked Hillary Clinton in USC Daybreak Poll

from Bill Still

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Good evening, I’m still reporting on
Trump Climbs Ahead of Crooked Hillary Clinton in USC Daybreak Poll
Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the Trump.
Today’s USC Daybreak poll shows Donald Trump is in a steady climb widening his lead over Hillary Clinton. Trump now leads Clinton by a 44.8 to 43.7 margin.
When sorting by age groups, Trump leads in 2 of the 3.
In the 18-34 Millennial group, Trump still trails by 1.8 percentage points, however, over the last 6 days he has closed the gap by an average of 1% per day.
In the 35 to 64 group, the reverse is true; over the last 6 days, Trump has lost about ¾ of a point to Clinton per day and now leads amongst the middle-aged by exactly 1 point.
In the aged 65+ group, Trump leads by a healthy 4.6% and trending north.
When sorting by educational level, in those with high school degrees and below, Trump’s lead is huge – 51.5% to 39.6% – an 11.5% lead and well above the 95% confidence level.
Among those with some college, Trump has an 8.2% lead over Clinton – also well above the 95% confidence level.
When sorted by income, Trump is starting to make a comeback in the $35k and less group. Although he still is way behind Clinton at 51.8 to 36, he has closed the gap in the last two days by 4.4%. This may represent an increasing number of blacks leaving Clinton and going to Trump.
In the middle income group – $35k to $75k, Trump still dominates well above 95% confidence with 50,2% to 38.3% – an 11.9% margin.
In the over $75k group, Trump is still headed north by 46.3 to 42.6%. – a 3.7% lead.
When sorting by ethnicity, Trump’s massive lead with whites increased again. He now leads by over 20 points.
With blacks, Trump gained .1% yesterday and Clinton dropped .6% – 87.4% to 3.9% – this still just can’t be correct.
With women, Trump lost 7/10s of a point yesterday. Clinton now leads with women by 9.1% – less than half the 20% margin typically quoted by the MSM.
However, the flip side is that Trump is skyrocketing with men. He now leads by 11.8% – 50.6% to 38.8% – a 1.7% increase in just kjd pa;k 24 hours.
The bottom line today, Trump is sticking to message and therefore giving nothing for Clinton to get her claws into as she is undergoing a brutal day-after-day pummeling by not only Wikileaks, but many other organizations coming out with damaging information moving efficiently through the myriad channels of the alt media.
Also interesting is the alt media has now surpassed all forms of the MSM in the competition for American eyeballs for the first time in U.S. history. Story to follow tomorrow.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good Day.

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