Thoughts On Comey And The FBI

by Karl Denninger

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth – Sherlock Holmes.

Let’s talk about Comey and the newest “revelation” in the Hillary saga.

There was this gagging sound that had to have been from Huma Abedin when the announcement was made. She protested she “didn’t know” how the emails got on her estranged pervert husband’s laptop, but it wasn’t a few emails, as the Clinton camp originally protested — it appears it was 650,000 emails.

This is the consequence, incidentally, of the combination of technical incompetence and arrogance in the world of today. It is why there are protocols for secure communications, there are rules and laws governing classified data, and the government is, except when a Clinton is involved, assiduous about enforcing them.

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