The Dollar Is On Its Way Out – Gold Backed Currency Next? | Rory Hall

from SilverDoctors…

Rory Hall from The Daily Coin joined Silver Doctors. Hall believes price manipulators are losing control of the gold and silver markets.

When it comes to investing in precious metals, Hall says “stay away from paper…If you don’t hold it you don’t own it.”

Hall also discusses how China accumulating massive amounts of gold. What do they plan to do with the shiny metal? Hall predicts China will issue some sort of goldbacked currency or bond. How will a competing gold backed currency impact the value of the dollar? “It’s no secret the dollar is on its way out,” he says.

The economy is not on the road to recovery, Hall says. The Fed, European Central Bank, and Bank of Japan are holding together a failed system by papering over the cracks in the system, while not fixing the fundamental problems. Hall believes the Powers that Be cannot hold the system together much longer.

Stay tuned to hear Hall’s opinion on how to prepare for the coming collapse!