Rising from the Ashes of the Old System | Bix Weir

from FinanceAndLiberty.com

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Bix Weir from RoadToRoota.com joins FinanceAndLiberty to give an update on the precious metals market. Weir says the markets are 100% rigged. He predicts physical silver shortages to appear soon since the artificially low prices will cause demand to outstrip supply. He also predicts the price manipulation is coming to an end and reveals why.

Once the price manipulation ends, how can a freely traded market rise from the ashes of the old system? Weir discusses the most important of his 17 suggestions for restarting the market and keeping it honest. (Read Bix Weir’s article for an in-depth explanation of the 17 suggestions: http://www.roadtoroota.com/public/122…)

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