No Liquidity left in World Markets Says Trading Expert Jeffrey Wagner

from VictoryIndependence

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Unfortunately months ago our friend Jim Comiskey passed away. Here to continue the flame and provide some excellent market trading analysis is his partner Jeffrey Wagner. This is a very important interview with key insights into Europe, today’s trading philosophy and an objective view on trading gold & silver. The potential for a flash crash and massive moves is the greatest it has been since 2008 or 2010. If you’re a market trader, don’t miss a second of this interview!

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01:00 Jeffrey Intro, Jim Comiskey’s passing
03:30 Potential Flash Crash in Commodities? Beware
04:40 Swiss Government has 50 Year Negative Rate Bond
06:50 May 6 2010 Flash Crash Review, No Liquidity
08:00 Algorithms are Running our Markets…Crazy
09:40 Why Gold price crashed after BREXIT
11:25 Value is Now in Gold since Shorts are Out
14:20 Time to short stocks
15:10 Temporary spike down before next gold rally
16:30 Buy the bullion not the ETF
18:00 January Effect Coming, What will 2017 Bring?
19:40 Europe’s Markets with BREXIT lack of liquidity
21:00 Current trading tied to central bank policy
23:00 Playing today’s market with options
26:00 2011 Silver Run-up, Can happen once again
27:40 COMEX Silver margin requirements, chessboard
28:40 Make plan – Lose $15,000 profit in hours example
31:00 Get more from Jeffrey Wagner, IFG Futures