Jim Rickards: There is Only One Bank Left

by Craig Wilson
Daily Reckoning

Going deep into the vaults for his latest analysis, economist and bestselling author Jim Rickards takes his knowledge underground. His conversation is held within an actual vault in Sydney, Australia Rickards where he is interviewed by Lelde Smith, journalist and director for The Capital Network. The discussion covers all the bases including the one bank that left to act. Smith presses questions covering topics ranging from James Bond to Trump and Hillary – all the way down to conspiracy allegations, financial crashes and, most fitting for the location, gold.

“When real financial crises happen, the complex dynamics are identical to the way real earthquakes work. Its complexity that the system builds up pressure on and then it snaps. It can happen in earthquakes. It can happen in finance. In 1998 it was a “foreshot,” that was the Long Term Capital Management crisis (I negotiated that bailout). In 2008, we were days away from the sequential collapse of every bank in the world. I take the ten year tempo and come forward ten more years. I hypothesize a collapse in 2018, but it really could happen tomorrow.”

Jim Rickards has over 35 years of prudent experience in capital markets from his work on Wall Street. He is also a special advisor regarding capital markets to those within the US intelligence community. Rickards uses applied science to analyze global economic conditions.

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