Dr. Buck Joffrey – Time to Take Control of Your Retirement & Finances

from Financial Survival Network

Dr. Buck Joffrey, MD is an accomplished Physician, Entrepreneur, Asset Manager and Podcaster, his long-standing passion is Asset Management. He started out giving advice to his colleagues, and it soon grew into a thriving podcast and more successful entrepreneurship. • WALL STREET IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE. HIDDEN FEES ROB YOU OF BIG RETURNS. INVEST IN THINGS YOU UNDERSTAND. • How high paid professionals such as doctors often make a lot of money and create a world of “golden handcuffs” for themselves. • How the old paradigm of saving and investing for the long term in the stock market is an outdated and dangerous paradigm. • How formulas calculating how much is needed to retire are not accurate. Using cash flow investing to more reliably predict when you can retire. • Investing in real assets to hedge inflation and create true and perpetual wealth.

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